Provide security and peace of mind to your family

We live in a world where home invasions have become a common thing. Today, home security is a common concern for most homeowners in Australia where they want to secure their home from unwanted invasions. At Bayside Security Doors, we help you secure your home.

As a leading provider of quality security doors and roller shutters in Rockbank, we are manufacturing and installing roller shutters over the last three decades. Our roller shutters are custom-made to fit your individual requirements, style and décor, providing you protection and peace of mind.

At Bayside Security Doors, we offer competitive and affordable prices across our range of roller shutter products. We are experienced roller shutter builders and with years of experience, we understand the security needs of homeowners. Whether you have a small or big, simple or complicated, traditional or modern house, we have the expertise to handle your needs.

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    Roller Shutters are available in different colours and styles


    Make a choice between AC/DC and Manually-operated Roller Shutters


    Roller Shutters offer a quick turnaround time


    Roller shutters have a high functionality and easy workability


    Custom-made shutters are available to fit any size or dimension

    Where we work

    Bayside Security Doors is an experienced security and screen doors installer, with offices and showrooms in Melbourne and Geelong. We are proudly delivering our quality services and products in Plumpton and surrounding areas.

    Want to build your own custom-made security doors in Plumpton?

    Bayside Security Doors are a leading provider of a wide range of quality screen and security doors in Plumpton. With an experience of over 30 years, we can help you fortify your home security while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house.

    Bayside Security Doors is a family-owned business, based in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on building and installing top-quality products including security doors, fly screens, shower screen doors and much more.
    We believe in delivering the best-quality services and products to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. That’s why we are a recommended brand by many of our satisfied customers. So, if you have decided to install security doors for your home, we can help you meet your needs.

    Security doors that will give you peace of mind

    As we said, your home is the most important part of your life. But how safe is it, really? Most look-alike security doors can be popped out in minutes, leaving your Plumpton home vulnerable. That’s why you need to install a high-quality security door at your home.

    Ensure your family’s safety with Melbourne’s most trusted security door manufacturer – Bayside Security Doors. We can help you build your own custom-made security door to fit your home.

    Bayside Security Doors are the most trusted and renowned brand for security and screen doors in Plumpton, pronounced for premium quality and reliable service. We have a wide range of products to protect your home from unwanted invaders, insects and break-ins. In short, with our security door in Plumpton, you will always feel protected.

    Are you ready to install your own custom-made security door in Plumpton? Apply for a free quote today. contact us.