10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While You Are on a Holiday

10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While You Are on a Holiday

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So, you’ve got your luggage packed and your ticket booked for the holiday. You are all set to depart and have a memorable vacation this season but wait a minute. Have you ensured that your home stays safe while you’re out? What if you return and find something terrible has happened to your property? Scary, isn’t it?

To make sure you enjoy your vacation with peace of mind that your home is safe, you need to take care of lots of things. You need to stay well-informed and prepared before you leave your home. Here are a few tips our home security experts would like to give you. Have a look:

Install crime-safe security doors

One of the best and the most effective ways to keep your Australian home safe when you are out is by installing high-quality security doors. They are robust enough to secure your home from any potential break-in attempts. This is because these doors pass different security tests and can withstand tough conditions. For the best results, we recommend you secure your entrance with heritage steel security doors.

Make it look like someone is home

An occupied home has fewer chances of getting broken into. The logic is simple behind this fact: an occupied home looks lived in, which means it is less appealing to potential criminals. For instance, when your lights go on and off, intruders might wonder that someone is inside the house. As a result, they won’t feel interested in breaking into your property. To create the illusion that the home is still occupied, consider investing in lights that turn on and off after a few hours every day. Also, suspend your mail and newspaper delivery or ask your friend to take care of them. It is because a pile of newspapers on your front door tells that nobody is home.

Ask your neighbours to help

Ask your neighbours or friends to house-sit. When it comes to security measures, they are your go-to solution. Ask them to watch over your property. You could even ask them to park their car in your drive way or may be take care of your pet (if you have one). These little favours will not only keep the intruders at bay but also help you create a better relation with your neighbours.

Hide your valuables

Criminals are always looking for easy-to-grab valuables that are extremely alluring to them. By concealing these items, you can rest assured that they are out of sight even if a home intrusion takes place. Here, having a locker or safe is quintessential for any household. Also, keep your windows tinted to protect your privacy and prevent thieves from looking in.

Keep the outdoor tidy

Are you a diligent homeowner who trims his/her landscape every week? Then the bushes, grass or plants may look overgrown when you are out on your vacation. In other words, this indicates that no one’s home and it’s vulnerable. You can hire someone or ask your friend to take care of the garden or landscape in your absence. If it is winter time and your place is in an area where it snows, consider removing snow as well.

Get a home security system

Having a home security system, such as security cameras and motion sensors, gives you peace of mind that everything is under surveillance. This even makes potential intruders run away. Make sure your security system is programmed appropriately. If you don’t want to have a security system, having fake signs would be better than having nothing.

Have added security features

Installing additional home security features, such as exterior lights and smart locks, is a proven way to ramp up your home security. One of the best things about these security features is that they will work even when you’re sleeping or vacationing, making your property less attractive to potential thieves. You can install a smart door lock that will allow you to unlock your door remotely or simply install custom security doors.

Secure your sliding doors and windows

If your house has some old sliding doors and windows, make sure you secure them as intruders can easily break into them. Even when these doors and windows are locked, a simple kick can take sliding doors and windows off from their frame. However, it is quite challenging to do that with newer ones. You can take extra precautions by securing your sliding windows and doors with roller shutters.

Lock your doors and windows

This one might seem quite obvious, still many homeowners forget it. When you keep your window or door unlocked, you are actually leaving a welcome note to criminals. This is one of the most irresponsible things you can do to let them break into your house. Locking your windows and doors makes your home less prone to break-ins. Thus, make sure all your doors and windows are properly locked before you leave. Also, don’t forget to shut the blinds and curtains.

Avoid broadcasting your vacation

We live in an age where everyone is blabbing online. But who exactly is following you on social media? What if it’s someone who follows you online is looking for an opportunity to break into your house? Thus, don’t broadcast your vacation details, including the location, the date and pics of your vacation. Think twice before you post your vacation details on social media. Consider sharing these details when you are back from the trip. Following these few things could save you from a break-in attempt.

The bottom line: Preparation is the key to prevention

According to a report, the Australian houses that indicated no activity and appeared unoccupied have actually experienced the most numbers of robberies in the past. This simply means that you need to secure your home before you go on holiday. We hope that the above tips would be enough to give you peace of mind that your property is safe when you are out having a good time.

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