Transform your home using mirrors.

What determines the difference between a house and a home? Your family is a huge factor, but there are many elements worth paying attention to that can enhance how welcoming your residence is.

Some features are obvious such as the colour you paint the walls, but others are less so. At Bayside Security & Shower Screens we offer homeowners the chance to transform their homes using mirrors. We’ll measure, and custom cut mirrors for any area of the home, in the usual areas (your bathroom, shaving cabinet or bedroom) and a wide variety of finishes (traditional, polished edge, bevelled edge, finger grooved) and colours (satin, chrome, silver, white, off white and more).

There are many reasons you could install mirrors in your home. Adding a large mirror to a small area reflects the space on itself, making it seem much larger than it is. It’s also great for dull areas of the home that don’t get much sun, as it reflects light on itself to make it seem brighter and existing installed lighting more effective. Another common reason people hang up mirrors is when a wall or section of wallpaper is damaged or stained and is impractical or expensive to replace. Concealing the area is a more affordable option, and you can always remove it in the future when you do decide to fix the problem for good. Other obvious benefits include being able to check your appearance before leaving the house and creating a focal design point in the room its placed in.

Bayside understands that mirrors need to fulfil multiple purposes in the home and that some might need to accommodate outlets, lighting and out of square wall sections. We can create a custom mirror for you in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, with the edges of your choice, depending on whether you’d like to frame it or not. If you’re unsure which option would be best for you, we can visit your premises and take the relevant measurements before providing you with a free of charge quote – and no obligation to proceed. For more information, contact Bayside today.

Standard Features
  • Available in 4mm or 6mm
  • All polished edges
  • Custom made to suit requirements
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