Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless Shower Screens

A frameless shower screen enhances the value and appeal of your home’s bathroom.

Picking the right type of shower door for your bathroom is more important than you think. Get shower screens for durability and design.

One of the most versatile choices you can make is to choose shower screens from Bayside Security & Shower Screens. Each one is measured to fit the exact dimensions of your bathroom, and with 10 mm thick glass toughened locally in Australia your door will last a lifetime. Whether you choose an opening door or a walk-in panel, you’ll find that frameless shower screens installed at your home and surrounding suburbs will enhance the value and appeal of your home’s bathroom. With the bathroom and kitchen being the two rooms of a house that can dramatically increase or decrease your asking price, any enhancement made to either area is one that’ll benefit you in the future.
All showers need to be enclosed to prevent water making a mess, and glass is a more hygienic and durable option than a curtain, which will need constant replacing over time and has the annoying habit of clinging to you while you’re trying to shower. Shower screens for your home is the choice for those who want maximum aesthetic appeal out of their bathroom, by eliminating frames from the picture entirely. It’s a popular option for those who want to create a spa-like atmosphere in their bathroom. It also works well in a bathroom that gets plenty of natural light, as the lack of frame opens up space and makes the shower seem more spacious. It’s just as practical as it is attractive as it’s easy to clean and keep looking brand new.
If you think that such shower screens seem stark and exposed, you’re wrong. You can create an entire shower enclosure with several panes placed together, or stick to one. You also don’t have to stick with standard transparent glass either. Texture or colour can be added to enhance privacy while making the area more attractive. You can pick any pattern to appear here, depending on your taste and existing bathroom décor scheme. Need more information on what such a door would entail or want a quote on fitting one in your home? Then contact Bayside Security & Shower Screens today.

Standard Features
  • 10 mm toughened glass
  • Architecural designed handles, brackets and hinges
  • Custom made to suit your shower
  • Available with or without hinged door
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