Diamond Grille Security Doors

Diamond Grille Security Doors

Attractive entry that will keep your home safe and secure

Want an attractive entry that will keep your home safe and secure? Then choose our diamond grille security doors.

Our doors are available in almost any colour under the sun and with a broad range of diamond grille shapes. It’s perfect for those wanting a traditional look in their home with additional safety. Dozens of Geelong, Melton and Melbourne’s homeowners have chosen this for their homes or businesses. You can select your door in hinged or sliding format, and you also have the option to add a half door panel fitted with a screen to protect your home from insects, pets and the weather. With each door custom fitted, you know it’ll match your needs perfectly. If that wasn’t enough, your diamond grille door also provides privacy. Our mesh screens allow for one way visibility, meaning that that outside won’t easily be able to see in, but you will be able to see what’s happening outside your front door. You will find amazing options for security doors with us.
Security doors have been around for a long time in Australia. Their signature pattern offers superior strength and protection against intruders. However, in the past, doors with this design raised two common complaints from homeowners – that they didn’t allow for airflow and that they didn’t look attractive. In the past, you either had to resign yourself to letting insects invade your home, or keep your door closed and suffer without fresh air. Also, they were only available in a limited amount of designs, meaning that what you landed up choosing could be the same thing your neighbours had. Thankfully, modern screen doors have come a long way since then. You can now couple yours with a discreet screen to keep the breeze flowing. You can also choose the colour and design of your dreams for security doors, so it’s unlikely your door will end up looking like any other.
Manufactured from tempered aluminium and quality framing, hardware and security grilles – as well as internal adjustment screws to prevent break-ins – your diamond security grille door for your home will last you for a long time and meet your needs all the while. Contact Bayside Security today to find out more.

Standard Features
  • Powder coated aluminium frame
  • Powder caoted diamond grille insert for extra security
  • Your choice of standard or triple lock system
  • All accessories colour matched to door
  • Custom made to fit your doorway
  • Your choice of mesh
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