Security Grilles

Security Grilles

Secure your home without damaging or replacing your existing doors and windows.

You’ve purchased your home and customised your doors and windows to meet your specifications. You now want to increase the safety of your home and prevent anyone from being able to access or break through your windows and doors.

You might live in a safe area, with a low crime rate, but most break-ins are unplanned. Criminals tend to look for homes that seem easy to access and will strike without warning. How can you secure your home without damaging your existing doors and windows or replacing them? The answer is by installing steel security grilles as a theft deterrent. Not only will they give you peace of mind, but they’ll also increase the value of your home should you sell it in the future.

Installing security grilles over your windows is a wise decision to make, and has many advantages that extend beyond deterring theft. If you have young children in the home, you can enjoy fresh air and leave your windows open without fear that they might fall out – something that is a concern, especially if your home has multiple stories. In a similar vein, you don’t want your home to make you feel like you’re living in a metal prison. Unlike other security options, grilles let air move freely, allow the sun in, and allow your home to feel bright and airy, but safe.

The aesthetics and performance of your security grilles are important. You want to know that they’ll last you a long time and look good all the while. We manufacture all our grilles using measurements we’ve personally taken. Our material of choice is steel, and we test each grille before and after fitting. We also use heavy duty ball bearing hinges and bolts to secure them to your walls in such a way that easy access is impossible. As your grilles will face the elements, we hot dip galvanise them to prevent corrosion from occurring due to rain exposure and then prime and paint them with a powder coat finish, to ensure that the colour will last a long time without fading. Have any more questions about installing a security grille in your home? Then contact Bayside today.

Standard Features
  • Custom made to suit your requirements
  • Wide variety of colours
  • Stainless steel or Diamond Grille options
  • Fixed with tamper proof screws
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