Heritage Style Security Doors

Heritage Style Security Doors

Living in a home built in a time when security wasn’t a concern has its challenges.

If you own a Heritage home in Australia, you’ll know that your home is as much a part of the landscape as any other natural attraction.

Although you live in it, it’s your responsibility to preserve its unique charm for your children and generations to come. Living in a home built in a time when security wasn’t a concern has its challenges. How can you keep your family and belongings safe without compromising on your Heritage home’s appearance? The answer is a heritage steel security doors from Bayside Security. In addition to being a stylish addition to any property, it will meet all your at-home security needs as well. While we custom build each door using tried and tested materials, you’ll still have the final say on your door’s colour, coating and finish. It’s a proudly Australian-made solution for a proudly Australian home – whether your home is in the Colonial, Victorian, Federation or Californian style.

No two heritage homes in Australia are the same, so it’s helpful that Bayside Security specialises in custom solutions. Depending on your location, the rules and renovations concerning what you can and can’t do to your home will differ. While you’re allowed to add modern touches like phone and internet lines and lighting, most Heritage homes have strict rules around changing the home’s structure or the way it looks from the outside. It means that your door must look like the home’s original door once did while offering the security of a modern security door. With Bayside Security, you can accomplish this down to the last detail. We’ll even help you match the exact paint colour to one associated with the era of your home. For example, Victorian homes tend to feature soft grey and taupe shades, Californian homes deep green and stone hues, Federation homes white and cream tones and Edwardian homes rustic greens and reds, to echo the Australian landscape.

With a heritage steel security doors from Bayside Security, you won’t be able to tell the difference between one of our creations and the real thing. It will keep safety threats out and last for a very long time, making it an investment as worthwhile as your home itself.

Standard Features
  • Welded steel frame, completed at our factory
  • Electroplated and powercoated, giving a perfect smooth finish
  • Your choice of any colour
  • All accessories colour matched to door
  • Custom made to fit your doorway
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