Keeping your home cool and comfortable is essential when the temperatures heat up.

Relying on your air conditioning can be expensive, and it also impacts the environment when you up your electricity consumption. Of course, the most natural solution is to leave your windows open.

This brings with it a whole host of complications – the biggest of which are insects. Letting flies and bugs into your home is something nobody wants. They’ll buzz around you, keeping you from cooking, sleeping or relaxing in peace. Your only option is to chase them around the house with a fly swatter (and potentially breaking things) or to fill your home with nasty chemical sprays that are bad for you and your family. Why not install a flyscreen from Bayside Security & Shower Screens instead?

It’s no secret that insects are a pain and that they shouldn’t be in your house. Flies are notorious carriers of disease and can bring nastiness into your home, landing on every possible surface if they find a source of food (such as in your dirt bin or your pet’s food bowl), they can produce maggots too. Mosquitos can be just as deadly and are responsible for more deaths than any other creature on earth. While your risk of being bitten by an exotic mosquito carrying disease is rare, they’re still going to leave you with itchy bites and keep you from getting a good night’s rest. As for spiders and other bugs – you don’t need a reason to want to keep these often scary creatures outside your home, and preventing them from coming in means you won’t have to deal with getting them out again. The same goes for dust, leaves and sand blown in from the outside.

An insect screen is a worthwhile investment that you can truly set and forget. Have Bayside measure your window or opening and fit it with a custom created flyscreen that will leave no room for any unwanted pest to get in. You’ll be able to leave your windows open, enjoy more natural light in your home and even potentially put off would-be intruders. Contact us today to find out more about getting flyscreens installed in your home.

Standard Features
  • Powder coated aluminium frame
  • Available in flymesh, aluminimum mesh or stainless steel mesh
  • Wide variety of colours
  • Made to suit all windows
  • Easy to clip on and off to help with cleaning
Additional Options
  • Grille patterns

Grille patterns

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