Bathroom Design Ideas 2021: the Dos and Don’ts

Bathroom Design Ideas 2021: the Dos and Don’ts

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Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Whether you are planning to sell your home or just want to modernise it, a bathroom renovation is always a good investment, especially if you have an expanding family.

How to successfully renovate your bathroom?

Your bathroom is a tricky space. It includes lots of plumbing parts, tight spaces and volumes of water. Although the entire renovation process can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, a little planning and forethought can help you get the best outcomes. For example, setting a clear budget is crucial to keep your renovation project on track. In addition, there are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind while moving ahead. Let’s explore them with the help of a leading provider of framed shower screens in Melbourne.

Do small things within the bathroom yourself

There are some small yet crucial things you can do yourself while renovating your bathroom. For instance, you can put up towel bars, create space for storage, place a mirror and install a bathroom fan. Additionally, there are many small things that can be completed with a DIY approach. Just be ready to tackle them!

Ask the professionals

Your bathroom is one of the most complex areas of your home. Dealing with it can become a mess for a normal person. There is a big amount of water to take care of, plumbing components to deal with and some hectic corners to paint. Even a little defect can become a huge issue in no time. Therefore, we advise you to leave crucial tasks to professionals to make sure it’s done right. Additionally, it is recommended that you don’t oversee the technical aspects of the makeover, such as electrical outlets.

Install a floating vanity

Whether you want to make a bathroom appear bigger or skip wall-to-wall cabinets, the best way to do this is by installing a floating bathroom counter or vanity. You can skip the traditional cabinet vanity base by designing a bathroom with double vanity. But if you don’t have ample space, this is not a good idea. Instead, you can opt for other options of bathroom vanity basins that will surely fit in your bathroom, such as a floating vanity.

Don’t choose an overly fancy toilet

Some toilet features, such as self-cleaning and voice command, are not necessarily needed. They are just a matter of your personal pleasure and luxury. In short, such features are not necessary for your bathroom, especially when you are concerned about your money and time. So, it is better to use the money for other bathroom fixtures that are more useful and valuable.

Do invest in a luxurious shower

Just like any other room of your house, your bathroom needs a focal point that’s meant to draw a viewers’ attention. Studies suggests that luxurious showers are one of the most popular bathroom features. Think of it this way, you can enjoy multiple showers knowing that your investment will probably pay off in the future. So, why not spend money in a luxurious shower than any other feature?

Don’t go without storage

Storage is one of those features that doesn’t get much attention during a renovation project. Whether you want to store a few towels or some extra toiletries, you want to have some space to promptly access them whenever they’re needed. That’s the perk of having a proper storage space in your bathroom.

Do hide the toilet

If you have enough space in your bathroom, we recommend you to hide the toilet. You can have a separate enclosure for the toilet to improve the bathroom layout. But, it is not necessary if you think this feature is compromising the space and the functionality of the entire bathroom.

Don’t forget to provide ventilation and light

The presence of moisture and humidity not only breeds mould and mildew but also takes a toll on finishes and paints. When it comes to your bathroom, you need to have a good-quality fan for ventilation. As for lighting, your goal should be to bring in different layers of illumination. Consider having a ceiling fixture that uses LED bulbs and provide appropriate lighting in the bathroom.

Don’t try to rush

Now that you’re planning and designing your bathroom, you probably want the job done tomorrow. But the poorly planned process can affect the project. Keep in mind that nothing is more expensive than doing something twice. So, understand the size and scope of your project and take your time to plan and implement the things you want in your showering space.

Install frameless shower screens

Install frameless shower screens, they not only look good but it also makes a small bathroom look bigger and brighter. Plus, you will be able to get rid of those annoying shower curtains with some high-quality frameless shower screens.

Final thoughts

Planning a bathroom renovation can be an exciting yet daunting task. On the other hand, it will be satisfying when you’ve finally completed the space. Although these features and projects can get pricey, you always need some courage to successfully transform your bathroom into an oasis. Whether you’re going for a full bathroom renovation or just a basic upgrade, make sure you carefully plan ahead to create the bathroom of your dreams.

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