Why Choose Sliding Wardrobe Doors Over Hinged Ones: Learn From the Experts

Why Choose Sliding Wardrobe Doors Over Hinged Ones: Learn From the Experts

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When you are choosing the right wardrobe door to furnish your bedroom, you need to decide which one is best among hinged doors and sliding wardrobe doors. Your decision not only impacts the aesthetics of your room, but also plays a functional role in your daily life. So, do your homework before making up your mind.

In this article, we will help you make an informed decision between the two. We will mostly focus on sliding wardrobe doors and help you understand why they are better than traditional hinged doors. So, stick with us till the end!

Top five benefits of using sliding wardrobe doors in your bedroom

If you have limited space in your room and want to install something space-saving, sliding wardrobe doors are best. This is because they open sideways and don’t require any space clearance for opening and closing. Whereas, hinged doors don’t work efficiently in congested areas and need space clearance for opening and closing. This is one of the most notable reasons why people opt for sliding wardrobe doors. So, for closets and wardrobes installed in compact spaces, go for sliding doors for a hassle-free access to your wardrobe.

Aesthetically pleasing

Sliding wardrobe doors are not only super functional but they are also aesthetically pleasing. They make your bedroom look modern and are available in an array of materials, such as mirrored and coloured glass finishes. You can choose a frosted finish for that translucent look and keep your wardrobe’s contents hidden too. In addition to that, sliding doors offer great flexibility to customise every aspect of your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle.

Increased internal storage

The sky’s the limit when you want to add multiple storage accessories to your sliding wardrobe. Sliding wardrobe doors let you use every inch of available space. They go wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, providing more internal space. However, the case is not the same when you install hinged wardrobe doors in your bedroom.

Easy to install

You know what, installing sliding wardrobe doors is easier and cheaper than hinged doors. Due to their simplistic design and functioning, you can easily get them installed in no time. In fact, some sliding doors can be installed within 1 hour or so. They only need a top and bottom track and no major drilling work. Isn’t that amazing?


Maintenance requires careful evaluation before you install any wardrobe door or security door. Sliding doors are generally low-maintenance doors for any wardrobe and therefore don’t burn a hole in your pocket. By contrast, hinge doorsare a little expensive to maintain since changing their parts can affect your budget.

Final thoughts

By now, you should’ve got a clear idea of why sliding wardrobe doors would be the best choice for your bedroom. They are sleek, contemporary and functional to match any space or style. All in all, sliding doors are the clear winner here due to the above-mentioned advantages. So, do you want to install one in your bedroom?

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