Buying a Steel Security Door: Paint Vs Powder Coating

Buying a Steel Security Door: Paint Vs Powder Coating

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So, you’re going to purchase a heritage steel security door, but can’t decide if they would be finished with paint or powder coating. No problem! Here is an article in which we’re going to explain the differences that will help you make up your mind and make that final decision. Let’s have a look at these differences:


First things first – let’s take economic factors into consideration. Whether you do it yourself or ask a professional for help, painting is mostly inexpensive. Whereas powder coating is usually more expensive than liquid painting because of the use of professional tools and labour. But in the long run, powder coating has a better utilisation rate than painting, which is our next point.


Although powder coating is costlier than wet painting, it is extremely efficient in nature. It has a general transfer efficiency of 60 to 70%. By contrast, wet paint has only 30-35% transfer efficiency. Once you complete a powder coat, the amount of powder that falls aside can be used in the next cycle. Whereas, no such form of conservation is feasible with liquid paint.


There is a notable difference between powder coating and wet painting when you compare their textures. Since powder coating is a fine powder, the surface of the door becomes pretty smooth and consistent with it. On the other hand, liquid paint is applied by a brush or a spray can, presenting more challenges when you try to apply a smooth and even coat. It often spreads unevenly and leads to somewhat rough surface. So, if you want to achieve the smoothest possible finish, powder coat your security doors.


When it comes to durability, powder coating is invincible. It gives you a thick and adhesive layer that lasts up to 15 years. Whereas, liquid paint usually lasts for about 5 to 10 years. Additionally, powder coating is also known for its moisture, scratch and UV-resistant properties, making it more robust and harder than paint.


Because powder coating can be 4 to 10 times thicker than liquid painting, it helps you protect the metal from corrosion. Whereas, a scratch in wet paint will easily decay and spread over time, ultimately making you repaint your door. But a powder-coated security door won’t need any repainting. On top of that, powder coating is free from the porosity caused by evaporation. If the finish gets damaged by scratching or chipping, powder coating will act as an effective barrier against corrosion. This is particularly significant for outdoor areas and doors.


If you are an environment or health-conscious person, then powder coating is the way to go. It offers many advantages over paint, such as it has no volatile substances and therefore emits no greenhouse gas. Also, powder coating is easy on landfills because of the fact that its residue is reusable. On the contrary, painting often consists of VOCs and emits toxins into the atmosphere. And don’t forget that it’s flammable and dangerous for kids. Its careless storage can lead to a hazardous event.

In a nutshell

Powder coating is a better option. Although it is your personal preference, powder coating will definitely complement your custom security door. In addition to the above-mentioned points, powder coating is also suitable for high traffic areas and harsh weather conditions in Australia.

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