Top 5 Kitchen Splashback Ideas for a Contemporary Kitchen

Top 5 Kitchen Splashback Ideas for a Contemporary Kitchen



What is the best way to protect your kitchen walls from stains and splashes? The answer is simple – install a good-quality splashback in your Melbourne home.

Over the past few years, splashbacks have become an intertwined part of kitchen planning and interior design. Playing a purely practical role, a splashback is quite often the first element that gets noticed when walking into a kitchen. Therefore, homeowners are keen to make it count.

Continue reading our guide to discover some of the most stunning splashback ideas for your cooking space. Even though we only install glass splashbacks there are many options.

Glass splashbacks

Glass is a chic, modern splashback material, which is preferred by many homeowners in Australia. This is because they are available in an array of colour and design choices to suit your home interior. If you’ve already painted your wall and want to install an extra layer of protection, a colourless glass splashback would be the perfect solution for you.

Natural stones

While glass is the most common material used for kitchen splashbacks, natural stones, such as marbles and granites, are also great to complement the heart of your home. They are some of the most gorgeous materials that can instantly elevate the visual appeal of your cooking area. Often used for benchtops, natural stones can’t let you down when it comes to splashbacks in Geelong.

Metro tiles

Metro tiles became universal a few years ago, but they still are very appealing. In the white colour, they can give any space a chic, freshlook. Metro tiles are a great choice to add a stylish design element to a practical space. When paired with a rustic-style kitchen in a soft grey colour, these tiles will spread a soothing ambience in the cooking area. However, if you want a fancy look with more drama, choose dark coloured metro tiles for your splashback.

Encaustic tiles

Encaustic tiles are new yet popular in the home renovation industry. They are known for their patterns that are typically made with coloured clay. You can use such tiles in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. But why not use them to create a unique splashback? After all, tiles are a traditional choice for kitchen splashbacks.

Mirror splashbacks

Mirrors can be an excellent choice for kitchen splashbacks due to the fact that they help you improve the natural light in the space. Also, they have the visual effect of extending small kitchen areas to make them feel larger and brighter. You can choose plain mirrors, antique finishes or coloured versions for bringing your mirror splashback idea to life.

Final words

Revamping your splashback can bring new life to your cooking area. Additionally, having a brand-new splashback in your kitchen won’t be too much of a financial burden. We hope the above mentioned kitchen splashback ideas have inspired you to facelift your cooking area. Bayside Security & shower screens can help with installing a glass splashback.

For more help, feel free to ask the experts at Bayside Security Doors & Shower Screens today.

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