5 Key Factors That Make a Door Crime-safe

5 Key Factors That Make a Door Crime-safe

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With the growing number of robberies in Australia, home security has become a paramount concern for homeowners. Everyone feels the need to secure their property with crime-safe security doors. But what are these crime-safe doors? What exactly defines them?

In this article, we are going to take a look at security doors and help you discover what makes them safe and secure. Let’s begin!

High-quality materials

When it comes to security doors and screens, there are two types of materials they are made of, cheap ones and quality ones. When you opt for substandard or cheap materials, you may face several complications later on. Whereas, high-quality aluminium and marine-grade stainless steel would be the right material to consider while choosing the most durable security door. We also advise you to check the supplier’s certifications to ensure the quality of the material of security doors.

Branded locks and handles

Whether you are looking for crime-safe doors or sliding wardrobe doors in Melbourne, it is important to look at their key features that are locks and handles. Purchase only those products that have branded locks and handles. And if you aren’t certain about their brand, just make sure that the door offers a definite warranty. In addition to that, it is best to choose a security door with mortice locks instead of surface-mounted locks. Make sure the lock is located inside the lockbox or the framework of the door.

Weld-on hinges

How smooth a door functions depends on the type of the hinges it contains? And when you are looking for crime-safe and inaccessible doors, timber butt hinges are not the ideal choice. Instead, choose pin hinges that are properly welded on the frame of the door. Such types of hinges offer reinforced strength and streamlined operation, helping you ensure the door is crime-safe and long-lasting.

Protection against corrosion

When you are purchasing a security door for your property, most home security experts advise you to choose powder-coated doors rather than painted ones. Since paint isn’t the best choice against the sunlight and heat, you may need to take care of your painted door more frequently. Instead, choose powder-coated doors that are worth investing in. Such doors are typically subjected to a hot-dip galvanisation process, making them anti-corrosive.

Standard security tests

If you live in Australia, then it is important that your security doors pass tough tests to comply with Australian Standards. These standards include carrying out a knife shear test, performance test, probe test, jemmy test and dynamic impact test. At Bayside Security Doors and Shower Screens, we provide high-quality screens and doors that pass the Australian Standards tests.

Concluding thoughts

Installing a high-quality security door is an important investment for your property. While it improves security and appearance, it can also add more value to your property. That being said, it is crucial to invest in the right security door to achieve the best results and the highest peace of mind.

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