The Benefits of Installing a Frameless Shower Screen in Your Bathroom

The Benefits of Installing a Frameless Shower Screen in Your Bathroom

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One way to refresh a dated bathroom is by updating the finishes. Up styling the vanity, adding new blinds or even trendy bathroom accessories are relatively inexpensive ways to bring some life to an uninteresting bathroom. But looking at changing your faucets or shower finishes can be a better way to achieve a more contemporary bathroom. As specialists in frameless shower screens in Geelong, Bayside Security we can assure you that it is an excellent functional design decision for your home.

These are some of our reasons as to why you should consider installing shower screens in your Melbourne home
Cleaning Made Easy with No Frames

Framed doors are harder to clean because of how easy it is for dirt to get trapped; clogging up space between the door, frames and even hinges. Shower curtains and frames can result in mould and bacteria growth if not regularly and thoroughly cleaned. With a frameless shower screen, this can be avoided with lighter cleaning and a simple wipe down with disinfectant.

Increased Lighting to Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Natural light can instantly transform any space and improve the mood of a room. Installing shower screens will enhance the light in your bathroom and create a more relaxed environment. Traditional framed shower screens can feel forced and heavy because of the extra weight they add to a room – bathrooms should feel calming and gentle.

More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Frames

The advantage of installing a frameless shower screen is that in the long run, it will be less costly. This is because there are fewer hinges or brackets to replace due to wearing or as a result of rust. Traditional frames tend to become gunky and water damaged, which is not a pleasant sight to look at or to clean.

While water spots can be removed with minimal effort on a frameless shower screen, a traditional frame will likely be more expensive to maintain over time.

Besides increasing the natural light and ambience in a bathroom, glass is a beautiful accent on its own and has an elegant feeling to it. The modern touch of a frameless shower screen can increase the value of your home too, as it is appealing to potential buyers. Frameless shower screens are also extremely durable even without the support of a frame.

For trusted professional service and installation, Bayside Security is the superior choice in shower screens in Geelong – speak to us about installing one in your home today.

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