Stylish and Secure Security Doors to Give Your Property the Facelift It Deserves!

Stylish and Secure Security Doors to Give Your Property the Facelift It Deserves!

Security Doors


Crime is a fact of life, and not preparing for it could lead to disaster. One of the best ways that you can secure your Melbourne home is to fit both security grilles and security doors. With a range of stylish grilles and security gates, you can choose your desired security measure that will add to the beauty of your home and not make you feel like you are living in a prison.

Screen Mesh Security Doors

It’s not only two-legged intruders that you want to keep out of your home. Screen mesh security doors offer a safe and secure option that helps to keep bugs and other critters at bay too. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, these doors are guaranteed to add rather than detract from your home’s appeal. They can also be fitted to almost every door size and shape.

Decorative Grille Style Security Doors

If you are looking for something a bit more robust for peace of mind, you can always go with a decorative grille style security door. These security doors, available in Geelong, are reliable, built to last, and gorgeous to look at. There are many colours and styles available; you simply have to choose your favourite one. The heritage range of doors has been a speciality designed for those who live in one of our countries beautiful heritage houses and need something that fits with the building’s design.

Security Grilles

When criminals scout for homes that they can break into, they usually pick the easiest ones. One great way to deter attempts is to have visible security grilles on your windows. Of course, no one wants to live behind iron bars and feel like they are in prison. That’s why our range of security grilles are not only practical but aesthetically appealing too. Any security grilles or steel security doors that you install need to be weather resistant and adequately built. Make sure that your product has been galvanised correctly as well as primed and powder coated.
There are many security companies out there promising security doors and grilles for your home. Make sure that your chosen product is sturdily built and correctly galvanised and welded. You should have up to four locks on your door with solid tumblers. Door handles and keyholes should not be able to be broken with a crowbar. Check your product carefully before it is installed. Otherwise, simply come to us for real peace of mind, and good quality, beautiful security products!

Security Doors
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