Flyscreens: 6 Significant Benefits of Installing Them

Flyscreens: 6 Significant Benefits of Installing Them

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Installing flyscreens to protect your home from insects, bugs and flies is as important as installing security doors.
Insects are unwanted and can harm your house, food and family members. If you are concerned about the invasion of these insects in your house, flyscreens are a great solution.
Bayside Security is a trusted provider of shower screens, flyscreens, wardrobe doors and diamond grille security doors in Geelong. With the help of our experts, let us tell you about flyscreens and the benefits of installing them in your home.


Flyscreens are screens of wire mesh put over windows or doors to prevent your home from insects. A flyscreen (also known as insect screen, bug screen, window screen or wire mesh) is designed to cover the opening of a window and door. It is usually a mesh made of plastic and stretched in a frame of wood or metal. In summer, no matter how clean you keep your home, it can still be invaded by many types of insects. These insects are not only annoying but also hold the potential of spreading some harmful diseases. To avoid this, installing flyscreens is a smart and affordable solution.

Here are some noteworthy benefits of installing fly screens:

1. The biggest benefit of installing flyscreens is that you can enjoy your time at home without bearing the risk of diseases. You can concentrate on your work at hand and the kids can play without any intervention.

2. If you are willing to keep your home neat, clean and free from insects to ensure hygiene for all, installing flyscreens is the best choice. By installing flyscreens, you will get peace of mind and a relaxed sleep at night.

3. Flyscreen doors do not only safeguard your family against health problems but also allow fresh air and light inside the house. You can let the breeze in while keeping the insects out.

4. Flyscreens are available in various sizes, satisfying different customer requirements. So, they look contemporary and enhance the look of your home entrances.

5. There is no need to spray harmful pesticides and chemicals in your house when you have installed flyscreens.

Bayside Security provides all types of fly screen doors, shower screens and security doors in Geelong and Melbourne. We offer a wide range of options with different styles, colours, and mesh types. You can choose the most suitable options based on their durability and overall security, to meet your individual needs.

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