8 Materials That Can Be Used as an Alternative to Tile Splashbacks

8 Materials That Can Be Used as an Alternative to Tile Splashbacks



Your kitchen is the heart of your home – the most important area to invest in. By designing it beautifully, you can easily increase the value of your property. That’s what we are going to do today. Ready? When it comes to kitchen splashbacks in Geelong, they are one of the best and most inexpensive ways to complement the overall design of your cooking area. They are easy to clean and can protect the kitchen walls from being splashed. Also, splashbacks prevent spilled liquids from leaking behind the wall or cabinetry. Above all, splashbacks look awesome and give the kitchen a finished quality.

Most people are slightly obsessed with tile splashback trends lately. Sure, standard tiles are great, but there are also some other splashback materials to choose from. If you are not a fan of tiles, don’t fret. No need to make tiles your first-thought for kitchen splashback material. In this writing piece, we’ve rounded up 8 out-of-the-box alternatives for tile splashbacks. Check them out!

Glass window

Glass window splashbacks are super chic and can draw the attention straight through the wall to the outside. As there are no grout lines, they are easy-to-clean and more hygienic than tile splashbacks. Glass is also good for streaming natural light inside your kitchen, cutting down the cost of installing artificial lights. If you love a subtle finish more than a modern one, choose an antiqued glass for your kitchen backsplash. Otherwise, go for a frameless design to have the picturesque view of the outside.

Reflect more with mirrors

By using a mirror in your kitchen, you can immediately make your space look larger. It is an amazing way to create a feeling of light and space in your kitchen. Mirror splashbacks are great for reflecting and bouncing light around the cooking area. They are particularly stunning when they reflect an elegant view from the opposite side of the room, such as a scenic outdoor garden or a chic dining area.

Go traditional with pressed metal

Pressed metal is a traditional, classic alternative for tile splashbacks. It is actually laid in pieces and can often help you achieve a contemporary setting too. It creates a great texture, which will give your kitchen some oomph. A natural pressed metal splashback works perfectly with a country-style kitchen. When using pressed metal splashbacks, emphasise its surface by highlighting other textures used in the kitchen. Play with rough and smooth surfaces that work nicely in industrial-style, contemporary spaces.

Steal the show with some steel

You can never go wrong with a stainless-steel splashback. In order to achieve a sleek, sophisticated environment, consider adding some steel to your kitchen walls. It will help you create a stylish cooking space, which has a smooth texture and design. You can also have a glaring effect with the reflective finish in the room. If you are not a fan of pressed metal but would like to have the lustre of metal, go for stainless-steel or glass splashbacks.

Choose copper for coating

Copper sheeting is beautiful when it comes to enhancing the feel and design of your kitchen. The earthy texture of copper has been there in our interiors for a long time. Due to its antibacterial properties, copper makes a perfect coat for kitchen splashbacks. It has been the right material for rustic, modern areas. Go for a smooth copper finish to add texture to walls and beautify its intensity.

Bring a cosy vibe with wood

Bring a cosy vibe to your kitchen with a wood backsplash. Choose solid wood to create a different mood in your cooking space. It has been used in conjunction with most cabinets. There are also a number of timbers and timber-like materials you can choose for your splashback. For instance, you can opt for a high-quality wood laminate to have a similar feel. But if you go for real wood, make sure you protect it well with oil coating so that it stays water and stain-resistant.

Be marvellous with a marble splashback

Marble is another great alternative for tile splashbacks. Instead of just using a single piece of marble for the splashback, you can use two cuts of the stone to mirror them. This look is unique and visually interesting, allowing you to play with the design of your kitchen. Marble is natural, soft and porous. Thus, it requires proper waxing and sealing. Also, it will be better to avoid placing it nearby any heat source.

Be bold with exposed bricks

If you want to bring a textural element to your kitchen splashback, relying on the rough surface and varying colours of exposed bricks is a great idea. Exposed bricks are always ideal for kitchen splashbacks and can help you achieve an industrial look in the cooking space. When using bricks as your splashback, choose two or three colour blends. Consider using recycled bricks for their rustic quality. You could also consider painting them in case you want to change the existing look.

The ending note: Don’t be afraid to mix things up

Rather than having tiles altogether, don’t be afraid to mix things up by adding another material to the splashback. For instance, integrating marble’s luxurious touch with the aesthetic of glass to showcase the design and keep the overall look cohesive. In addition, there are endless ideas and alternatives out there.
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