5 Most Common Home Security Mistakes You Must Avoid

5 Most Common Home Security Mistakes You Must Avoid

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It doesn’t matter where you live, home security must be taken seriously. However, the only question is whether you’ll do so before or after an unfortunate incident. Well, here’s an article that will help you understand the importance of your home security in a better way.
Many incidents related to theft or break-ins are partially the result of a homeowner’s lack of understanding of home security. We are here to make sure that your current preparations for your home security are well-planned.
Let’s learn the most common home security mistakes from the experts of security doors :

Leaving Doors And Windows Unlocked

This one is very common among many people. Failing to lock doors or windows is one of the most common safety mistakes people make. Burglars look for easy targets and an unlocked door or an open window is a perfect opportunity for them.

Did you know that over 30% of robberies occur through an unlocked door or window?

To decrease this risk, make sure every door and window of your residence is properly closed and locked before departing or before going to bed at night.

Hiding Keys Outside

Burglars are familiar with all the common hiding places people use for their spare keys. Whether it is under the front door mat or inside a flower pot, leaving a key outside is a serious safety risk. It is much safer to leave your keys with a trusted friend or a family member. You can also install a keyless entry system. Smart locks are affordable, and they offer features that can improve your home safety.

No Security System

Just because you think you live in a safe neighbourhood doesn’t mean you aren’t vulnerable to burglaries. Not having a security system in your home leaves you susceptible to being broken into.
Approximately 60% of burglars break into homes by forcible entry through a locked door or window.
Relying on your doors and windows is not enough. You need a home security system for better assurance. Investing security doors in Geelong is a great option to reduce your risk of burglary.

Doors And Windows With Cheap Locks

Having doors and windows with cheap locks is arguably the biggest of all security mistakes. You should seriously invest in some good-quality locks and entry doors for your house. Consider upgrading to more heavy-duty doors and window locks.

Making It Obvious You Are Away

Most people leave at least one light on when they are out of town, but this trick is too obvious. Instead, connect your lights to digital timers so it seems like someone is inside the house. Also, sharing your travel information with other people, specifically through social media can be another home security mistake.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can go a long way toward improving your home security. To take your home security to the next level, secure your home with the trusted security doors in Melbourne.

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