5 Bathroom Trends You Shouldn’t Miss for Your Home Renovation in 2021

5 Bathroom Trends You Shouldn’t Miss for Your Home Renovation in 2021

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Over the past few months, our team of home renovation experts have been keeping an eye on some of the hottest trends in interior designing, especially for bathrooms, which we are going to share with you in this article.

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom with the latest interior designs? Do you want to discover what will be piping hot in the year ahead? Join us, as we reveal some of the hottest bathroom trends for 2021.

Ambient lighting

In 2021, lighting is going to become an integral part of your bathroom not only for aesthetics but also for the practical approach. The trend of integrating minimalist and linear lighting will hit the market and brighten up your bathroom space. You can consider mounting light strips between walls and ceiling or simply opt for a mirror with some integrated lights.

Subtle yet attractive graphics

Going graphically creative is one of the hottest bathroom ideas for 2021, and, probably, the easiest to achieve too. The popularity of this particular trend lies within its simplicity. You can easily create a unique atmosphere by using a single pot of paint in your bathroom. No need to do something extraordinary. Just add some bold graphic designs like dots and dashes to take your bathroom and take its look to the next level without putting much effort.

Sleek and stylish shower screens

If you want to create a modern bathroom, installing a shower screen is a must. Besides its functionality, a shower screen also acts as an eye-catching element that helps elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom. In short, it is the perfect choice for shower areas – no matter how big or small it is. When you are looking for something which has more glass and less hardware, go for frameless shower screens. Otherwise, consider opting for semi-framed or framed shower screens.

Matte finishes and fittings

Matte finishes are an acquired taste and will have an increasing number of people wanting it in 2021. For instance, more homeowners in Australia are opting for matte white fittings in their bathrooms due to the minimalist nature. Matte finishes look great and work perfectly with contemporary bathrooms.

Sustainable interiors

Sustainable bathrooms mean different things to different people. Above everything, sustainability it is something we all should be aiming to achieve in 2021. It includes creating eco-conscious bathroom designs and products which help you save water and energy. Using recycled or environmentally-friendly materials is the best way to go.

Summing up

The possibilities are endless for your bathroom renovation project in 2021. In order to accomplish the picture-perfect look and required functionality, planning is vital. Consider every single possibility before you start your renovation project and keep an eye on these bathroom trends. Lastly, don’t be afraid to go creative with your ideas and imagination.

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