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Product Description

Modern Design & Componentry

  • Component and design features combine to provide convienience and colour co-ordination
  • Snap Caps
  • Dress Trims
  • Pivot Blocks
  • Anti-bacterial clear (i.e. frost) and colour matched glazing vinyl
  • The Good Design Award, reflects the latest in design aesthetics and technology.


Colour co-ordinated PVC coated magnetic door seal provides for a cushioned rattle free operation and increased water resistance.

Utilising a stainless steel pivot pin, features a ‘positive close’ low friction design mechanism, providing the benefit of whisper quiet and trouble free operation. The ‘lowering’ effect of the design automatically reduces the gap between door and sill on door closure, which further assists with elimination of external splashing and improved water resistance.


Provides the opportunity to indulge your imagination and create the absolute premium bathroom design at a surprisingly affordable price.

Fixed panels (where required) are glazed directly into the outer frame, minimizing the potential for residue accumulation.


Shower Screen Systems can be designed for installation into most bathrooms. Ask your distributor for advice on a design to suit your needs.

Contoured fully enclosed twin-tiered sill design directs water run-off into shower base. Gasket sealing system ensures maximum water resistance. Low profile design is foot-friendly, unobtrusive and reduces external splashing for a cleaner, drier bathroom.

Smooth contoured profiles minimise soap and residue accumulation and the need for cleaning.

A full-length continuous double handle door stile with magnetic closure is user friendly, providing a splash resistant positive close, pivot door operation.

Over 25 years experience

Bayside Security Doors & Shower Screens have been in business for over 25 years.

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Areas we service

We service all of the Melbourne metropolitan area and some outer suburbs, along with Port Phillip Bay areas

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